Vision Board Success

In January 2011, as I created my vision board, I thought about what I wanted to manifest in the upcoming year. One thing we desperately needed was a new couch! I came across a picture of a beautiful one sitting in sand. It spoke to me and just had to go on my board, not knowing exactly why. After all, we'd never owned a couch that looked like that before!

Couch - Vision Board

Four months later, my mom died. Not practicing what I teach, I didn't look at my board for several months. It was a very difficult time as I dealt with my deep grief in losing her. During those months, our family also handled her estate and made the necessary decisions about what to do with her personal property.

One of the items of furniture I received was her couch. It was in good shape, except for the fabric, Vision Board Successful Couchwhich needed to be replaced. I selected the fabric and had it recovered. On the day my newly-covered couch was delivered, I sat on it and took some time to reflect on both my mom and my gratitude for all she'd given me. All of a sudden, I thought of my board and took a look at it. There, on that vision board was the couch I was now sitting on-in beautiful off-white just like in the picture. Interestingly, and by no means a coincidence, the name of the fabric was "sand."

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