About Life Coach, Deb Roffe

Deb’s intuition and ability to see the potential in others have served her well in her professional and personal life. She has a natural ability to communicate with people, and her creativity and caring for her clients have helped them not only create and believe in their vision, but manifest their lifelong dreams. She brings a wealth of experience to her role as a life coach, not only through her insightful intuition but also from her years of experience as a nurse, artist, independent business owner, mother of three and outdoor enthusiast.DebRoffe-professional

Deb uses a variety of tools to help her clients understand themselves and their inner motivations and to assist them in removing their perceived roadblocks to success. She provides targeted resources to improve her clients’ lives personally, spiritually, professionally and financially. She conducts individual and group coaching, outdoor coaching experiences and workshops, including her much-loved Vision Board Workshops. Summit Life Coaching is the result of Deb’s journey to achieve her vision to help others see the life they’ve dreamed become a reality.

Deb received her training and certification as a Life Coach from the Coaches Training Institute. Since 2005, she has been coaching clients of all ages and from all walks of life to help them achieve and exceed both professional and personal goals.

Since 2001, Deb has been a Certified Hurley/Donson Advanced Enneagram Teacher. Deb utilizes The Enneagram, a powerful and dynamic system of 9 personality types, to enhance the transformational process of her clients.

Although Deb works with people from varying backgrounds, she is especially passionate about coaching individuals in recovery from eating disorders and other addictions.
Additionally, Deb provides coaching services to professionals in the medical field through The Nurse Coach.www.thenursecoach.com


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