What is Life Coaching?

Coaching enables you to identify personal, meaningful goals and helps you achieve results that exceed your expectations. Coaching is not traditional therapy or counseling. Instead, it is geared toward men and women motivated to be their best and looking for the resources to achieve it.

  • You work with your life coach to create the vision of your true desires. This can include business and/or personal goals.
  • Your coach will help you develop a strategy to accomplish your goals and journey with you as you move toward your vision. Sometimes the path isn’t as smooth or straightforward as expected. Having a coach can help you stay on course or help you explore the unexpected detours you may encounter.
  • Coaching helps you stay focused on your vision as you face obstacles, whether external or internal.
  • Coaching provides you with the structure, advice and positive energy you need to achieve your best.
  • You meet with your coach at regular intervals, usually by phone, at times that are convenient for you. You don’t have to travel to appointments or neglect work or personal commitments to begin your journey.


How do I choose the right coach for me?

The coach who is best for you is one who possesses qualities which you are drawn to. It’s important that you feel completely comfortable with the coach you choose. Finding the right coach is essential to the coaching process. Here are some essential qualities and elements to consider:

A person who is “present” to you. It’s important that you feel your coach is fully attentive and completely tuned into you and what you are saying. Your coach must also be able to connect with how you are feeling and what you are thinking.

An atmosphere of safety and trust. The work you do with your coach can be very sensitive as you look more deeply at patterns, beliefs, challenges and obstacles. It is imperative that you feel you can trust and feel safe with your coach to reveal your true self.

An environment of non-judgment and acceptance. The more you feel that your coach listens and offers support through the lens of non-judgment and acceptance, the more you’ll be able to disclose. The right coach is one who offers a place and space for you to be heard.

A spirit of encouragement. Sometimes trying new behaviors or going in new directions can feel scary or intimidating. Having a coach who offers encouragement and support is critical to your success.

Are Both Individual & Group Coaching Sessions Available?

Coaching is usually conducted by phone, allowing you to work with your coach at times that are convenient for you. Sessions are available for both individuals and groups—such as couples, work groups or business partners. Group coaching is a great tool for focusing on mutual goals to gain the support and structure needed to get results.


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