Finding Balance

 Finding Balance
Reclaim Your Time and Live a More Fulfilling Life

Does it seem like time is flying by at the speed of light? With every passing year, does it feel as if you're adding more to your "to do" list instead of less? And even though you're accomplishing a lot through the days and weeks, you never seem to get ahead? Does it feel like life is controlling you more than you are controlling it, with no end in sight?


Balance is the key ingredient to living a life that flows rather than races along or comes to a dead halt. In this workshop, you’ll discover ways to create and promote balance in your life, to feel you are in the flow, and that you have the time to stop and smell the roses, even meander once in a while.


Deb Roffe

Author & Life Coach, Deb Roffe

Deb Roffe is the author of Reach Your Summit and BeyondA Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Your Personal Peak. Additionally, she is a motivational speaker, facilitator and presenter. She is available to customize presentations and workshops for your group or company and help your organization be inspired to move forward. Learn more about Deb’s workshops by clicking here or call her to create a program specific to your group’s needs.

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