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header saboteur--workshop The Inner Saboteur—Quieting the Voice Within

Calming The Inner Saboteur WorkShop 
COST: $30-includes a workshop journal and free 30 minute consult at a later date [/inset]

  • Do you ever feel not good enough or unworthy?
  • Do you ever tell yourself “You Don’t Deserve This”?
  • Does fear ever keep you stuck and unable to move in any direction?
  • Do you find yourself saying or thinking statements such as: “You Can’t” “You Shouldn’t” “You Should” “You Must” “You Need To”?
  • Do you have alot of Self Doubt or Negative Thoughts?

Are you sick and tired of the voices within holding you back from a life of fulfillment and joy? If the answer is YES, it IS time to take action and this workshop is your answer!

You’ll learn simple and powerful tools for identifying and quieting the voices of your Saboteur.


Deb Roffe

Author & Life Coach, Deb Roffe

Deb Roffe is the author of Reach Your Summit and BeyondA Step-by-Step Guide to Achieving Your Personal Peak. Additionally, she is a motivational speaker, facilitator and presenter. She is available to customize presentations and workshops for your group or company and help your organization be inspired to move forward. Learn more about Deb’s workshops by clicking here or call her to create a program specific to your group’s needs.

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